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National Solar Technologies developed the Two Man Transportable Solar Power Source as a solution to reducing fuel convoys and reducing fuel consumption at remote military bases and outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The system is comprised of multiple two man lift components which make this system ideal for areas where heavy equipment is not available to deploy a completely assembled system. The Two Man Transportable Solar Power Source can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed making it a system choice for many military, government and commercial entities for remote power needs. The standard system is comprised of 5 major components. These components are:

  • A pair of solar panels that range from 210 Watts to 230 Watts per solar panel that are stored in a heavily padded carrying case.
  • A pair of sealed maintenance free battery enclosures that typically have a storage capacity of 79 Amp hours at 24VDC nominal voltage.
  • A power center enclosure with 120VAC/24VDC power output.
  • A system mounting platform housed inside a padded carrying case.
  • A system cable harness kit housed inside a carrying case.

There are a large number of NST Two Man Transportable Solar Power Sources currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Military with great positive feedback from the military for reducing their fossil fuel usage and reliance on diesel generators in remote operating locations. Standard system types are available as well as specific systems required to meet your power needs. The standard Two Man Transportable Solar Power Source has power outputs of both 120VAC and 24VDC. Other AC and DC voltage outputs are available based on your power needs. The system is complete with solar panels with padded carrying case, system mounting platform with padded carrying case, sealed maintenance free battery packs and a power center with power output connections. This system is a "plug and use" type system which requires no field wiring. The system is assembled without the need for any tools. Hardware is captive to the unit so that hardware cannot be lost. The unit disassembles into multiple sections for transport in a truck, helicopter, or HMMWV.

System Expansion

NST Two Man Transportable Solar Power Sources are capable of being expanded for additional solar charging capacity and additional battery storage capacity. This means that if your power requirements increase you can add onto your existing system to be able to handle the additional power you require. Systems can simply be connected together via a cable/plug assembly to achieve this. NST can size your Two Man Transportable Solar Power Source with additional expansion units based on your power requirements. System Expansion Hubs are available for connecting 3+ solar arrays and battery banks together. NST has the solution to meet the most demanding power requirements in any location by utilizing the system expansion option for the Two Man Transportable Solar Power Source.

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