Two-Man Transportable Solar Power

Learn more about out two man transportable solar power units including typical applications, standard features and benefits for owners.

Typical Applications

  • Remote Power
  • Communications Site Power
  • Tactical/Forward Operating Base/Patrol Base Power
  • Remote Surveillance Equipment Power
  • Oil/Gas Telemetry Site Power
  • Anywhere You Need Power

Standard Features

  • AC/DC or AC only / DC only Power Output Systems Available
  • Standard 120VAC Outlets with 5VDC/3A USB ports, and Binding Posts For 24VDC Output
  • Other AC and DC Power Outputs Available Optional generator input receptacle for generator/solar hybrid operation
  • Padded Cases For Solar Panels, Mounting Platform/Brackets, and Cable Harnesses
  • System Solar & Battery Capacity is Field Expandable up to 6+ Units Connected Together(Contact NST For More Details)
  • Tool-Less Assembly/Captive-Corded Hardware
  • Plug & Play Design
  • Self-Ballasted High Wind Speed Design
  • 25 Year Sliding Scale Solar Panel Power Warranty
  • 5 Year Solar Controller/Power Inverter Warranty
  • 2 Year Limited Battery Warranty


  • Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Gas/Diesel Generators
  • No Noise, Completely Quiet Operation 
  • No Harmful Exhaust- Zero Carbon Footprint 
  • No Routine Maintenance Required 
  • No Heavy Equipment Needed to Set Up or Offload the System at the Installation Site 
  • No Special Skills Required to Assemble or Operate

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