Trailer Mounted Solar Power Solutions

*Various System Sizes Available Based on Your Power Needs

*Various Power Output Voltages Available Based on Your Requirements

*Hybrid Options Available: Solar/Wind, Solar/Propane Generator

Typical Applications

  • Remote Power
  • Construction Site Power
  • Communications Site Power
  • Back Up Power/Emergency Power
  • Base Camp Power
  • Oil/Gas Drill Site Power
  •  Anywhere You Need Power

Standard Features

  • Power Capacity and Output Voltage(s) Are Engineered for Your Requirements. NST Can Assist You with Determining What System Will Work Best For Your Needs.
  • Available in AC & DC Output Voltages or a Combination of Both
  • Heavy Duty Construction-Engineered for Rough Use Environments
  • System is Pre-Assembled For Immediate Use
  • DOT Certified Trailers
  • Leveling Jacks for Added Stability in High Winds
  • 25 Year Sliding Scale Solar Panel Power Warranty
  • 5 Year Solar Controller/Power Inverter Warranty
  • 2 Year Limited Battery Warranty



  • Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Gas/Diesel Generators
  • No Noise, Completely Quiet Operation
  • No Harmful Exhaust- Zero Carbon Footprint
  • No Routine Maintenance Required
  • No Special Skills Required to Operate

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