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Grid Connected Solar - NST Solar

Grid Connected Solar - NST Solar

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National Solar Technologies offers grid-connected photovoltaic power systems for a wide range of system types including roof mounted and ground mounted applications. These systems are designed to connect into the electric service at your facility and effectively reduce the amount of kilowatt hour usage from the electric utility. Grid connected systems effectivley reduce or eliminate the kilowatt hour usage on your electric bill.  The amount of kilowatt hour reduction is based on the size of the solar system that is installed. A wide range of options are available from NST for grid connected photovoltaic(solar electric) power systems. Contact us today for more information.

Various Incentives May Be Applicable to Reducing the Cost of Your System Such As:

  • Federal/State Tax Credits
  • State Rebates

A data base for locating what rebates are available for your location can be found at
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